Year 1 2016/17

Welcome to the Year 1 page

Dear Parents/ Carers,

At Preston Park we are aware that many of our parents take a healthy interest in their child’s education and are eager to help at home. We would like to provide you with information and an overview of what your child will learn this term. We hope you find this helpful.


We will send home library books. As these are being chosen by your child, they may not be at a comfortable reading level but we advise you read this book with your child.

We also send Guided Reading Books which are being chosen by your child’s teacher at the correct reading level. Reading books will be sent home every Thursday and should be returned to school the following Monday. It is very important that this book is kept safe and returned to school. If a book is misplaced we will ask for £5.00 to replace it. Reading involves making inferences and interpretations of what your child has read and not simply recognising the words on the page, so it is important to discuss with your child what they have read. We ask that you read aloud, talk to your child about the book and ask a range of questions before they begin reading, while reading and after they have finished reading. Please see your child’s ‘Reading Together Book’ for further guidance. Can you please ensure you sign this book at least once a week.


This year we will not hand in homework sheets. However, we do encourage all parents to read with their children at home on daily basis.

School Uniform:

Please ensure your child comes to school in full and proper school uniform. Label all items of clothing, PE bags and books bags with your child’s name and class. Please refer to the School Website for more details.


Your child’s P.E. day is MONDAY (1FT/1NM) and TUESDAY (1RE/ 1 CW)

Throughout the year, all year one children will take part in class P.E lessons during the week.  P.E lessons may change during the week due to the weather, therefore please ensure your child has his/her PE kit in school at all times.  We will send P.E kits home at the end of each half term to be washed.  Your child will need a t-shirt, pair of shorts (track suit bottoms during the winter) and a pair of plimsolls.

Lunch Box and Water Bottles: 

Please make sure that your child carries healthy food in their lunch box. Also ensure that they only bring in water for break times and healthy drinks for lunch. Children are allowed to drink water in the classroom. No fizzy drinks are allowed.

What we will learn in Year One

The following information is an outline of the work to be covered this half term in different areas of the curriculum.  These notes are in order for you to be able to best support your child’s learning both at home and at school.




Thank you, Year 1 team: Miss Ebanks, Mrs Mills, Mrs Tomsa, Miss Warne