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At Preston Park we emotion coach our children and build brilliant relationships. The well-being of our children is paramount. We want our children to grow up to lead happy and fulfilled lives. 

We build brilliant relationships with our children. Emotion coaching is our language at Preston Park and this supports our children to self-regulate and to be resilient, responsible,  reflective, reciprocal, respectful, and resourceful. We work with a range of partners to ensure the health and well-being of of our children

We have a flexible approach to the application of our behaviour policy to enable us to meet the needs of our children. We equip our children with the skills to self-regulate. 

Behaviour Regulation at Preston Park

our behaviour charter

Emotion Coaching

 We use emotion coaching at school and you can use this at home too. 

With emotion coaching you can build brilliant relationships and avoid reaching the "peak" of behaviour by maintaining calm. 

Here are the different zones - ask your child where they are.

If you can see they are in the red zone, show the picture and label it.

I can see you are in the red zone. It is okay to feel angry. Take some time to calm down and then we will talk. 

Steps to follow for emotion coaching: 


An example of how this could look:


I can see that you are feeling sad and are crying. It is okay to feel sad. This situation is also making me feel sad and I am here for you. 

I know you are feeling sad because of the behaviour you have shown. We can put this right.

Kicking your sister is not acceptable. 

Let's apologise and do something nice for her. What would you like to do to put this right?

Emotion coaching at home

Take care – read our guidance on managing challenging behaviour and emotion coaching. 

It’s always worth writing down the ground rules for the whole family which lays out some rules such as how we speak and treat one another because things are going to get stressful at times.

Bear in mind that your children DO copy you so you have to model it too.

Some of our favourites are:

We are safe, happy and kind at home 

We use calm voices.

We walk away and take 5 if we feel angry or feel like shouting- we do not shout.

We listen carefully to one another.

Think about rewards for following the routines and or contracts. Get the whole family to sign up to it.

Here is a sample reward chart that you can use at home too: