Preston Park Primary

Celebrating Diversity

At Preston Park we celebrate diversity and our Culture Club will be keeping this page updated with learning that you can do from home to join us in this celebration. 

Black Inventors

The focus for the Culture Club this half term is Black Inventors. Every week, there will be a PowerPoint which includes the session for pupils to complete for that week.

Once complete, work that you are particularly proud of can be submitted to the following email address for us to view. So please do email your wonderful and creative work, which will be published on this page as a celebration of your fantastic learning. We look forward to seeing your amazing work.

VE Day

During the current climate, we would like to thank you all for persevering and continuing to work with our different way of operating. Through our BCA project, we will provide you with online resources and information which will further support your child with learning through this pandemic.

WYLA – Westside Young Leaders Academy

The Westside Young Leaders Academy (WYLA) have a dedicated team who are passionate about producing successful men who understand they are born to be GREAT! They provide a range of classes and opportunities designed to bring out this GREATNESS!

WYLA is made up of young African Caribbean boys, from eight to eighteen years of age, who attend inner city schools and are faced with adult challenges earlier in life than expected.

WYLA have currently suspended their Saturday classes (due to Covid-19), however they are offering weekly Zoom sessions for new and existing students, every Wednesday at 16:00 as well as new applications.

Click here to register today.




The Black Curriculum

The Black Curriculum is an initiative that teaches Black history all year round for children aged 8-16 year olds. They deliver content in schools, using a range of art modes such as drama and poetry and they also provide consultations and training for teachers across the country to support with the teaching of Black history.


The Black curriculum are currently offering four free sessions of black history, to support children through this current time.

Click here to get your free bespoke Black History animations.

Black Learning Cartoons – Akili and Me

With diversity at the heart of our curriculum, we acknowledge the importance for all children to see characters who not only look like themselves and their families, but also sound like them.

Akili and Me offer a range of learning that feature black characters and a range of content to support children with their learning from Early Years up until KS1.

Ride the rainbow to Lala Land and join Akili and her friends on a magical adventure.


Click here for more cartoons.

Our BCA books

We make reading an everyday part of our children’s lives. Reading for pleasure stimulates children’s imagination and expands their understanding of the world around them.

We are proud to have secured a range of texts with black characters and books written by black authors.


The following books are currently being used as either core texts or for Destination Reader (our reading strategy).


Some of these books can be accessed online via YouTube.

I am enough – Grace Byers


Riley can be anything – Davina Hamilton



Hidden figures– Margot Shetterly