Preston Park Primary


A day in the life of Mrs Charalambous

Dear Children and Families,

I’m writing to you from my kitchen today with my three children. We have found settling in to home schooling and working from home quite tricky but we are now getting used to it – as much as is possible! All of us have some sort of a routine, apart from our three year old, who thinks that everyone is here to play with him and doesn’t realise we all have work and learning to be getting on with!

I have had a wonderful Easter break and had lots of fun. We had an Easter egg hunt around the house and I left clues for my children to find their eggs. Our youngest found this a little tricky and so his big brother and sister helped him with the clues. He was so proud of himself when he spotted them stuck on the wall!

We have been enjoying reading about Pooh Bear’s adventures. Last night we read about Winnie the Pooh getting stuck in Rabbit’s house as he had eaten too much honey and couldn’t get out of the rabbit hole, we did chuckle!

I would also like to introduce you to our pet, who I have been seeing scuttling around my kitchen in these weeks. Her name is Lizzie and she is so much fun! The children carry her around the garden like a baby and put her in wheeled toys and walk her around. It is very funny, as she is such a quiet creature who goes wherever they wish. She is very delicate though and we need to take care that we handle her safely. Lizzie lives in a special vivarium which we need to keep clean. That is not my job!

 While we have been at home, I have tried to teach my children how to cook. It has been lots of fun with my little helpers cracking eggs for cakes. Let’s just say our house is quite a sticky mess.

We made some traditional Greek Cypriot ‘Flaounes’ as a yummy Easter treat. We made the pastry and the filling is made with Cypriot cheese, mint and raisins. I have a slice with my cup of tea and they are delicious!

I have loved receiving your pictures in the year group inboxes, your smiley faces cheered me up so much! I am missing seeing you all and all the fun things that we do in school. But for now, we must stay safe and stay at home.

When this is all over and we are back to our normal lives Preston Park will come to life again with the wonderful community that we serve.

All my love,

Mrs Charalambous


6.03.2020 Chick class