Preston Park Primary

Our Community

Children come from all over the world to be educated by our expert teachers and we have approximately 700 children on roll, speaking 45 different languages.

We are very proud of our diverse community and celebrate the vibrancy and advantage that this brings to our school. We are the first primary school in Brent to have been awarded the Diversity Mark. 

A map of where our families are from.



Children  on roll            677



Boys                               345



Girls                                332



EAL                                 80%



Pupil Premium             12%



SEND                             12%



EHCP                                3%



OUR HOUSE system

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow 

Living our values: House System

At Preston Park Primary School we operate a house system which has been designed and implemented by the children. This system enables various leadership opportunities for the children such as House Captain and Vice-Captain.

The house system is an initiative to give pupils a sense of shared community, a chance to work with their peers and staff across the school, interacting with others and developing new and stronger relationships. The house system allows pupils to engage in intra-house competition, this is where the four houses compete each term to collect the most house points.

House points can be earned for:

  • Demonstrating the school values through their actions (Respect, Resilience, Reciprocity, Resourcefulness, Responsibility, Reflection)
  • Challenging themselves to achieve something new
  • Improvement in their learning

The four houses are: