Preston Park Primary

Our Core Values

We want all of our children to leave us equipped for life in the 21st Century- able to operate successfully in the changing world of work and take advantage of all opportunities available to them. Through understanding our global community and appreciating our children’s needs, we integrate specific learning experiences into our curriculum to enable every child to thrive.

Our curriculum starts with our vision of which are children are at the forefront.  

  1. We are safe happy and kind at Preston Park
  2. We ignite a love of learning that lasts a lifetime
  3. We are curious learners, confident to take risks
  4. We are world changers

Integral to our coherent vision are six core values: resilience, responsibility, reflective, reciprocity, respect and resourcefulness, which provide a strategic framework for our development of the whole child.  Through this character building, our children develop the necessary learning disciplines, aptitudes and attitudes to become the 21st century learner.


Preparing our children as 21st Century Learners:

Creativity, critical thinking and problem solving are essential to operating in the changing world of work. We want our children to navigate this ever changing landscape with confidence and have carefully considered the skills we believe necessary to do this. Our model, “the Preston Park 21st Century” learner highlights the skills we want our children to master. Central to this model, is for our children to be happy; to feel that they belong, to master and to be autonomous.

The Preston Park 21st Century Learner:


Therefore, at Preston Park our children have a connection to people and a higher purpose, they experience what success feels like and know that they have a voice for change, independence and responsibility. It is through our development of the whole child that we enable all of our children to fall in love with learning.

How this relates back to our school values:

Respect Resilience Resourcefulness Reciprocity Reciprocity Reflectiveness

A self- directed learner


A communicator

Information and media literate


Emotionally Intelligent 

An innovator 


A problem- solver 

Financially and economically literate 


Globally aware 

Civically engaged 


A collaborator

A critical thinker 


A creative thinker