Preston Park Primary

Our Smart School Council

In our school the children are the most important people, therefore it is essential that they have a voice and that they are supported to become active, democratic citizens. 

We have launched a ‘Smart School Council’ which every pupil in the school plays an important role in.


Our School Council is led by the ‘Communication Team’.

The Communication team have just been elected and they will take a lead role in holding it all together and keeping everyone up to date. They communicate with staff, pupils, parents, governors and visitors to our school and let them know what is going on across the school. They help to make sure that all pupils in the school are involved and engaged in activities. 
Mrs A. Charalambous will lead the Smart School council with our Communications team to provide all our children with the opportunity to make a change.


Class meetings

Our class meetings will give every pupil, throughout the school, a voice. They are an important way for the children to find out about important issues affecting the school and decisions that have to be made. It gives them the opportunity to give their own opinions about these issues and to influence decisions. Our class meetings enable all of our pupils to communicate with each other and with the adults in school quickly and frequently. The views shared in the class meetings are shared with the communication team through an on-line form.

Action Teams

Mrs Charalambous will work with the Communication team to decide on the Action teams for our school. ‘Action Teams’ will run throughout the year. The teams will help the children in our school to make a contribution towards our School Development Plan or to address important issues that are raised in class meetings.