Preston Park Primary

staying fit with preston park

Week 1

We are excited to launch daily P.E activities that have been created by Coach Welsh and Coach Rudik to make sure we all stay fit and healthy, whilst at home. We will be uploading activities for you all to get up to, both here and our school Twitter, on a weekly basis. 

Day 1.  Anna's Frozen Challenge:

  • Find something to play music on and choose a DJ.

  •  Start dancing and do your best moves!

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  • When the DJ stops the music, you all freeze.

  • If you don't stop as soon as the music does, then you must do 20 star jumps to warm yourself back up and melt the ice!


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Day 2: Piggy in the middle

1. Grab a ball and choose one person to play as the piggy – the rest stand around piggy in a circle.


2. Throw the ball to anyone in the circle.

3. If piggy gets the ball, you swap places.

4. If you drop the ball, sprint around the circle.



Day 3: Soft Ball Fight

1. Split into 2 teams and grab a balloon or a soft ball.



2. Take it in turns to throw the ball at the other team.


3. If your throw touches someone, your team gets a point.



4. If they catch the ball, your team loses a point.


5. Which team has the most points after 10 minutes?

Day 4: Jungle Jig with Nala and Simba

 1.  Start playing some music or put the radio on.



2. Take 2 sideways steps right and tap the toes of your left foot on the ground in time with the music. Then do the same to the left.


3. Now add some arm moves! As you step each way, wave your arms side to side above your head!


4. Finally, after your 2 steps in each direction, do a special dance move. Try a star jump, dabbing, flossing or swivelling your hips like you have a hula hoop. It can be anything – make the most of your agility!



5. See if you can keep dancing for 10 minutes.


Day 5: Super Race

1. Use toys to mark out a start and finish line. Then place 2 markers at equal points along the course.

2. On the count of 3 you must start to race, but for the first section you can only race on your hands and knees.


3. Once you reach the first marker, start hopping.

4. From the second marker, you must then run to the finish.

5. Time yourselves or make it harder by making the course longer or adding more sections.


Day 1 Be Lumiere's Guest

1. Mark out a line with a skipping rope or some string. Along 1 side, place cushions or toys at different distances away from the line.


2. Now stand on the line and pose like Lumiere by standing on one leg, putting your arms in the air at right angles like a candlestick.


3. You're against the clock! Jump along the line holding your pose, then pick up each item and move it to the other side – make sure your feet do not leave the line.


4. Be careful – if you lose your balance or drop anything, you must go back to the start.

5.  If your family want to play, take it in turns and time yourself to see who can do it the quickes.                                   

Day 2 Bo Peep's Herd and Seek

 1. Grab 10 toys and 2 towels. 


2. The toys are your sheep. Share them equally between yourself and someone from your household.


3. Use the towels to make a home for your sheep. 


4. You hide your friend's 5 toys, then they hide your toys.

5. On the count of 3, both go and find your sheep and bring them home to the pen. The first one to find their 5 toys wins! Keep playing for 10 minutes.

 Day 3 Book Balancing

1. Collect a pile of 10 books and mark a start and finish line.


2. Now balancing them on your head one at a time, carefully walk the books to the finish line.


3.  Be careful – if you drop it, you must go back to the start.


4.  Time yourself and see if you can beat your time as you get better at it.

Day 4 Tyre Tumble

 1. You'll need 8 "tyres" which you can make by scrunching up sheets of newspaper into balls.


2. Now you'll need a "pit stop" – you can use socks to mark out a square, then place a bin, box or container in the middle.


3. Both of you take 4 tyres each, stand on a corner of the pit stop, and try throwing a tyre into the container.


4. Then run to the next corner to throw again. Keep going around until you've thrown all 4 tyres.


5. As soon as you've thrown in 4 tyres between you, you need to run a lap of the pit stop. Then collect your tyres and try again – can you do it faster this time? You could also try making the pit stop bigger.

Week 3

Day 1: Crush and Squirt's Turtle Travel


1. To get started you'll need to make a Squirt-style turtle by filling up socks then tying them up.

2. Lay out a t-shirt each on the floor, as this will be the current.



 3. Everyone takes it in turns to be like Crush. With your back to the current, throw your turtle over your shoulder, aiming to land on the current.



4. If you miss, you have to crawl on your hands and knees to get it back. 



5. Keep going until your turtle lands perfectly. If it's too easy, move your t-shirt further away.

Day 2:  Mirror mirror what do you see?

1. In pairs, you and the other person is the mirror.


 2. One of you should make up a routine of 10 different poses that the other person must copy. 


 3. Try poses like balancing on one leg, touching your toes, or the crab.



4. If the person copying you messes up, you both need to start from the beginning.


 5. Swap places once you make it all the way through, then try 10 new poses.

Day 3: Base to Base

1. Make 2 bases, as far apart as possible. Everyone must stand behind one base.

2. The first player starts by putting a large ball in between their knees. They've got to get around the base and back again, without dropping it or using their hands. Then pass it to the next player, only using their knees.

3. Try doing it 10 times in a row. But if you drop it, run on the spot for a count of 10 seconds. Keep playing for 10 minutes.


Day 4: Jump Rope

1. Make sure you have plenty of space for this challenge. Get a skipping rope or a long piece of string and loop it around the legs of two chairs to form a square. If you don't have any chairs handy, ask two friends to loop it around their legs.


2. With the rope low to the ground, jump in and out 10 times.


3. If you touch the rope, start again. If you make it, move the rope up a little higher and repeat.


4. Move it up a third time – see if you can make it without stepping on the rope. Or try crawling underneath without touching it.

Week 4

Day 1  Baymax's Mega Moves 

1. Stand opposite your friend. Make sure you have a stopwatch so you can time yourselves.1. 


2. One of you pulls an awesome dance move and your partner has to try to copy it. Just like you are looking in a mirror! Can your partner keep up?

3. Swap over after a couple of minutes – now it's your turn to copy the actions.

Day 2 Mike and Sulley's Scare Challenge

1. Spread out lots of t-shirts on the floor.


2. Shout "Roaaaaaar!" then jump from t-shirt to t-shirt. Be careful not to touch the floor.


3. If you touch the floor, you have to do 20 star jumps.

Day 3 Merida's Target Practice

1. Split into 2 teams. Grab empty plastic bottles and scrunch up old newspaper to make balls.



2. Set the bottles up and take it in turns to throw or roll the ball towards the bottles.


3. Run after the ball and throw it back to the next player.


4. The team that knocks over their bottles first wins!

Day 4 Step Jumps

1. Mark out a start line. Take it in turns to jump as far as you can off the start line, and mark where you land.



2. Now try again, but with a 2-step run up.


3. Now it's time to really jump as far as you can with a big run-up.


4. Who can jump the furthest? Keep going to see how far you can go!

Day 4 Hopscotch

1. Mark out a start line and stand along it.


2. Take it turns to throw a coin or beanbag as far as you think you can hop.

3. Count how many hops it takes – can you do it again, but with fewer hops?

4. Now try it with jumps, slides, giant steps – what other moves can you think up?