Preston Park Primary

Uniform Policy

We are proud to be Team Preston Park :)

Our uniform unites us - bringing us together and reinforcing our sense of belonging and togetherness.

It is our policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in school-organised events outside normal school hours. We ask children to wear their shirts tucked into their skirts or trousers and to take pride in their personal appearance. 

Uniform can be bought from our school uniform supplier Ace Clothing. You will also be able to source some items at competitive prices at local shops including supermarkets.













Pre-Loved Uniform

We do not want families to have to spend enormous amounts of money on uniform, so we try to keep the number of items with school logos to a minimum. School can provide good quality pre-loved uniform to families who need support. Please see Mrs Angelou (Pastoral Manager) for further information.

Uniform Ambassadors

We consider every child to be an ambassador for Preston Park Primary School, and expect them to take pride in their appearance. Being smartly dressed in our distinctive school uniform gives our children a sense of belonging and love in our community. As a primary school we are very keen to recognise the hard work and positive behaviour of our children and becoming a Uniform Ambassador is a perfect opportunity to recognise and celebrate these qualities. Children are selected and presented with their Uniform Ambassador badges when they are consistently well presented in full uniform and PE kit. The Uniform ambassador role provides opportunities for children to act as positive role models for the other children within our school.