Preston Park Primary


Welcome to Preston Park- an innovative environment where our children are at the heart of everything we do.

Children only have one chance at their primary education and we are determined to deliver the best start.  Welcoming children from the age of 2 to 11 years old, we provide a world-class education where our children are happy, achieve well, transition well into their next phase of education and lead fulfilled lives.

Children come from all over the world to be educated by our expert teachers. We are a vibrant and inclusive community school set close to the iconic Wembley Stadium. Our devoted team drive academic achievement through the development of the whole child. We have approximately 650 children on roll, speaking 45 different languages.

Through our unique curriculum design of STEAM; Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, Mathematics and the Modern World- we ignite a love of learning that will last a lifetime as we prepare our children to become confident 21st Century learners ready to take full advantage of all opportunities open to them. Through our innovative approach to lesson design knowledge is made sticky; children discover connections, build on their prior learning and make exceptional progress.

Integral to our curriculum and strategic framework are six core values: resilience, responsibility, reflection, reciprocity, respect and resourcefulness which run parallel to our vision, of which our children are at the forefront. We are experts in the teaching of early reading and deliver the Read Write Inc. phonics programme which enables children to master early skills rapidly.

Our facilities are conducive to our development of cultural capital. We are the Science Specialist Centre for the Borough [BSP] and our children benefit from being taught science in the lab with a specialist teacher. We currently have gallery space at the National Gallery and Tate Britain as our children excel in expressing themselves creatively in our fully-fitted and fully-functional art studio with our resident artist. We have won awards for our specialist music provision and our choir regularly perform across the city. Our Sports provision is also delivered by specialists.

We are leading the way with our mathematics provision- focused on sustaining mastery- where we lead teacher research groups and masterclasses through our partnerships with the Maths Hub and the Royal Institute of Great Britain.      

We love learning at Preston park and provide a nurturing environment where the children feel safe; safe to learn; safe to find their voice and safe to grow into exceptional individuals.

We hope you have a wonderful time with us.

Georgina Elizabeth Nutton MBA