Preston Park Primary

Year 3

A day in the life of Mr Heycock

Hello All,

How is everyone? It has been a very strange few weeks not going into school every day and seeing your smiling faces. I hope you are all well and happy and keeping busy.

I have still been working- planning your learning packs and marking your absolutely brilliant work. Please keep sending your English packs in, I love reading them and you are doing so well! Just doing as much as you can each day will make next year so much easier and I know the activities are super fun!

When I am not working, I have been trying to keep busy. My housemates and I painted our living room. We could not reach the ceiling so we had to use a ladder which I did not like at all (I am terrified of heights!)

Every Sunday, one of us cooks a meal for the house and I tried out a fish pie which was actually pretty tasty (or my housemates were too polite to say otherwise). We have also made roast dinners, sushi, and enchiladas and had many many barbeques!

On sunny days, I have been going for walks around where I live and have seen some really beautiful places around London. It has been really great to get out and explore the area and new, hidden spots!

Because we are in lockdown, I could not get my hair cut so my housemate very kindly (and very carefully) cut it for me. All the curls have gone! Has anyone else had a lockdown haircut?

During isolation, we had a few birthdays in the flat which has meant that there has been a lot of presents, games, cake and happy times.

I hope you are all having a happy time at home with your families. It has been a tough few months but we are getting through them together and will be stronger in the end. You are all amazing individuals and I miss you very much.

Be good, stay safe and I will see you all very soon

Mr Heycock

A day in the life of Miss Mcfarlane

Dear families of Preston Park

It feels very strange to be writing to you all. Our morning greetings and goodbyes at the school gate now feels like a luxury as we come to terms with the fact that we cannot currently share our school space like we once did.

The school community has been working very hard to delivery lessons and news to you. We hope you like our new website and ask that you have a read. You might just find something useful!

I hope that you and your families are safe and well. I know many of you are eager to get back to school. I am also very keen to welcome you all back. I have, like many of you, been watching the daily briefings hoping to hear news of when life will begin to go back to normal. With no updates yet I have been trying to keep busy.

Many of you will know I recently returned to Preston Park from maternity leave. My son’s nursery has closed, so like many families across the country we have been juggling working from home and keeping a very energetic one year old active and out of mischief! We have been redesigning delivery boxes as toys, reading to his soft toys and making the most of the sunshine in the garden. How have you been spending your time?

I wish you all the very best during this challenging time. My hope is that we will all come through this having learnt something valuable. I wish you all the best managing your way through what has become our new way of life. It has its challenges so please remember school may be closed, but we at Preston Park are still here for our families.

Best wishes,

Miss McFarlane

A day in the life of Miss Rushe

 Dear Children of Year 3, 

I hope you are all well and keeping safe during this time. It’s been a very strange time and adapting to our new way of life has been a challenge as I am missing all my family, friends and all the children at Preston Park a lot but I am enjoying catching up with you during our daily phone calls. I am however very lucky to be living with one of my best friends and we have been trying to do exciting things to keep us entertained.

We have been doing a lot of exercise to keep mentally and physically healthy and try to do PE with Joe Wicks every morning as it’s a great way to start the day. I have seen from some of your pictures that you have been enjoying it too. Also, one of my friends Matt has created an exercise group where a group of my friends get together over video call to exercise together. It keeps us motivated and it’s a nice way to catch up daily with our friends who I am missing greatly. We’ve also been training for The Liverpool Half Marathon which was originally meant to be in May, but they have put it back to October, so have been trying to continue with my running.


As like many of you, I love to socialise with my friends so I have been missing this a lot. I’ve been keeping in contact with friends and family as much as possible to check on their wellbeing and see what they have been up to. Every Saturday night my friend Pete hosts a quiz with all our friends and I’ve been speaking to my godchildren Maisie and Riley over the phone who have grown up so much since I saw them last. We are making lots of plans for when lockdown ends and it’s safe to socialise again. 

I’m very lucky to have a little garden and I’ve been spending some time when the weather's been nice sunbathing and trying to catch a real tan. I have also been making my New Zealand scrapbook from when I went travelling as I’ve been meaning to do it for quite a while now, but have never had the time, so it’s been nice to be able to do it.


Please keep sending in all your fabulous work and pictures of what you have been up to. I am so proud of each one of you for working so hard at home. I hope you have been keeping fit and healthy and spending a lot of quality time with your families. I can’t wait to see your smiley faces back at school!

 Lots of love,

Miss Rushe


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