Preston Park Primary

Year 4 

A day in the life of Mr Feldman

Hi Puffin Class,

What a strange few months it has been! We have all been challenged by this situation and have had to make the best of it in whatever way we can. It has been a pleasure for me to make your learning at home as exciting and as straightforward as possible. We all want you to make the same progress there that you would have made in school!

My own routine is very different. What I normally do to get myself awake and ready is to go for a 10 minute ( yes only 10 minute!) fast run near home; I always go “off the beaten track” and  have had some early morning encounters with some not too friendly stinging nettles and brambles!

After the run is breakfast and providing online learning. It has been exciting preparing the Powerpoints for you- trying to include everything that I would normally say in a lesson in them, so that you can learn successfully at home. As you well know, if I included EVERYTHING I would normally say, online learning would take all day and all night! Miss Currie was having none of it so I have learnt the skill of summarising.....

Outside of work, I have had to learn the art of  hairdressing as all the barbers are shut! My first effort was appalling and was shared ( with reluctant permission from me) in the staff newsletter. This photo  is classified – STAFF ONLY! I am, however, much happier to share my latest effort in hair care. This was achieved with sharp scissors, a careful hand and a huge mirror. If trying this at home, let an adult do it for you, while you advise on your preferred style!

I have also mastered (or so I think) the art of Do It  Yourself home improvement. I had a kitchen worktop that was worn and got some prices from builders to repair it. I have other uses for £250 ( let’s start with Cadbury!) so I have repaired the worktop with sticky back plastic or fablon. Time and patience really helped. If only my displays were as professional…sigh!

I have really missed you all but it’s been great catching up over the phone and I have been inspired by how positive you are at this time. Your work on Purple Mash really shows off all your wonderful achievements. If I am not your teacher next year, don’t worry. We will still see each other when I am on playground duty, assemblies, lunch times and I will try and pop into your classroom from time to time.

Have a well-deserved and healthy summer break,

Best wishes

Mr Feldman.


A day in the life of Mrs Antoine

Dear children of Year 4,

I hope that you are all well and are enjoying being part of this incredible time in history. Just imagine that in 50 years time, people will still be talking about the year 2020 and how everyone had to adapt to living in a completely different way! I know that it is sometimes difficult, but we will all get to see each other again, and run through the playground with our friends.

I am getting used to spending my days at home, and I look forward to Mondays when I get to speak to each of you at home and catch up with what you have been doing. It really helps to make it easier when I don’t get to see you face to face. I also really enjoy having meetings with the other teachers using video calls and seeing how they are.

Because I got married just before we began home schooling, it has been wonderful for me to spend some time with my new husband and enjoy being at home together. My son has been working in London, and so every day, he comes home and tells me how quiet it has been out in the city.

We have been going for walks every day and have been to some beautiful places in the sunshine. We often walk along the canal, or through Harrow school. I really don’t like cows, and I was a bit scared when some were coming towards me the other day! Every week, I do a family quiz with my four brothers and my grown-up nephews, which is really cool, because we are in different countries, so it is really fun to see everyone. My best friends and I have also been sending each other proper letters as well as texts and video calls. It is really nice to get a letter to read from the postman- I think we will definitely keep it up after this is all over! I have been doing lots and lots of cooking and baking, although my giant jaffa cake was a disaster- I definitely need to practice that again!

Please keep on sending me your work as well as pictures of different things that you have been doing as they really do brighten up my day! Take care, keep safe, and make the most of this extra special time that you are having with your families,

All my love,

Miss Currie (Mrs Antoine!)

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