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Miss Georgina Nutton, Headteacher  
Mrs Marie Cusack, (Chair), Co-Opted Governor - Term of Office 07/03/2021
Cllr Patricia Harrison, (Vice Chair) Local Authority - Term of Office 06/12/2018
Mrs Omi Qadir, Parent - Term of Office 07/03/2021
Mr Ian Henry, Parent - Term of Office 15/03/2020 
Mr Blair Thomson, Parent - Term of Office 17/07/2021
Miss Rochelle Thomas - Co-Opted - Term of Office 17/07/2021
Ms Wajeeha Baba, Co-Opted - Term of Office 15/06/2018
Mrs Penney French, Co-Opted - Term of Office 31/12/2018
Ms Zahra Al-Rikabi, Co-Opted - Term of Office 22/11/19
Ms Linda Green, Co-Opted - Term of Office 20/11/2019

Previous Governors

Mrs Rashika Patel, Staff Governor - Until 25.09.17

Mrs Humaira Sheikh, Parent - Term of Office 22.05.2017
Ms Maria Teresa Castro - Until 07.03.2017
Dr Vijaya Mokal-Parekh – Until 07.03.2017
Mr Sagar Patel – Until 07.03.2017
Mr Chetan Patel - Until 07.03.2017
Mrs Susan Joslin – Until 31.01.17
Mr Harshadbhai Patel Until 15.02.17

Parent Governors are elected by parents of children at the school;

Staff Governors: members of the school staff - elected by the staff;

Authority Governors (previously known as LEA Governors): nominated by the Local Authority;

Community Governors and Associate Governors: members of the local community (appointed by the rest of the governing body);

Contacting the Governors

The normal channels for parent consultation with school are through the Headteacher or his representative, although in most cases parents should contact the class teacher or year group leader in the first instance. Governors can make themselves available for consultation with parents if required but it is normally advisable to ensure that matters requiring the attention of the governors are first taken up through normal channels within the school.

Dates of Meetings

The next full governors meeting is on --2017

Staffing Committee - Spring TBC
Achievement and Standards Committee - Spring TBC
Finance - Spring TBC
Governor Training - TBA

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