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Kingswood Residential

The Year 6 team will update this daily to share our adventures at Kingswood.


Day 2 - En garde

After breakfast, one group participated in fencing, followed by aeroball (a basketball game on a trampoline) . The other two groups stayed together and participated in a scrapheap challenge and a problem solving activity. After lunch, the groups alternated between the same activities, and one group took part in Catapults and Chariots where they had to work as a team to build a catapult and a chariot without any adult assistance. Finally, after dinner, all the children took part in the Mini Olympics. All the children are looking forward to tomorrows activities! Goodnight :) 


Day 1 - We have arrived!

On Monday, we arrived at Kingswood at 2pm. First we went to check our dormitories and some of us learnt to make our beds for the first time! Then we had a tour of the grounds by our group instructor, Brandon. Each group took part in either the 'Initiative Tasks' or 'Catapults and Chariots'.  Then after dinner we participated in the Bottle Rocket competition and achieved some impressive distances! We have some budding scientists amongst us. 

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