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Physical Education


Key P.E. Questions:

  • Can I explain and apply basic safety principles in preparing for exercise?
  • Can I describe the changes my body experiences during physical activity?
  • Can I select and apply skills, actions and ideas to different physical activities?
  • Can I apply skills with coordination and control?
  • Can I describe the benefits of physical activity?

Essential key skills:

  • To make the right choices to improve health and wellbeing
  • To develop confidence, skills and knowledge to excel in a broad range of physical activity
  • To develop a love for sport and pursuit for excellence
  • To engage in competitive sports and activities
  • To demonstration fairness and respect
  • To provide quality opportunities for children to continue to broaden their experiences of physical activity during school time

Using and applying Mathematics/English within P.E.

Children explore key mathematical concepts through the P.E. curriculum. For example, sequencing and shape is applied through performing dances with a range of patterns; the knowledge and understanding of angles is applied through refining the skill of throwing and hitting a target; and through the recording of scores through tallying, the children apply their knowledge of how averages help to regulate games. English is used throughout the P.E. curriculum as children use their reading skills to understand new vocabulary that is introduced and through the communication skills that are essential when working within a team.

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