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English as an Additional Language - EAL


Most teachers in primary and secondary schools have EAL learners in their classes. As with other groups of learners, we adapt their lessons to make sure that all learners can get the most out of lessons. We do this by involving learners in activities where the language is challenging but appropriate to their abilities and interests. We have experienced teaching staff and Teaching and Learning Assistants that support EAL pupils in small groups and within the classroom.

EAL learners come from very diverse backgrounds. Some arrive seeking asylum, while others follow families coming to the UK as economic migrants or for other reasons. EAL learners also include those who were born and raised in the UK speaking a language other than English. The most common first languages spoken by EAL learners include Polish, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Arabic, French, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Tamil.

At Preston Park Primary School, the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and the wellbeing of all our children are valued. We encourage all of our children to achieve the highest possible standards. We do this by taking account of each child’s life experiences and needs.

A number of our children have particular learning and assessment requirements, which are linked to their progress in learning English as an additional language.

Children who are learning English as an additional language have skills and knowledge similar to those of monolingual English-speaking children. Their ability to participate in the full curriculum may well be in advance of their communicative skills in English.

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