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We hold school assemblies across the week, which are important occasions to encourage aspects of PSHE and to engage in a relevant topic or theme that enhances the children’s educational experience. The assembly discussion will often be of a moral or ethical nature and from time-to-time, children give presentations for school assemblies, which help to develop their confidence and are enjoyable for the participant and audience.

We hold an achievement assembly for the whole school each Friday morning, which provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the school community. We also have individual musical items performed by children and our pupils are encouraged to bring in certificates or talk about awards or recognition that they have received in activities that may not be associated with the school. These assemblies provide an excellent opportunity to acknowledge progress and achievement. This can be for effort, progress or success in any area of involvement at school. Our school assemblies are designed to be happy occasions for the school to meet and for us to appreciate our sense of community. 

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