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What is e-Safety?

Being a child today is very different from when we were children!  Children today can access the whole wold in the palm of their hands.  Whilst exciting and inspiring, children using the internet can also bring worries and dangers.  We cannot stop all the bad things in the world, but we can educate our children on how to be safe.  As a school, we want to empower parents to know what their children might be exposed to online.

Parental Controls

Filters and parental controls may not be the complete answer to keeping children safe online, but they are undoubtedly the first line of defence. It's now possible to set filters on your broadband, your devices and your applications. Here, from Internet Matters, is what you need to know.

Mobile Devices

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Many children have or have access to a mobile smartphone.  Apps such as Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram and many more, are becoming a common daily interaction for children.  They can be brilliant, but you need to know more about them.

Useful Websites

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